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Doroud Foundry & Machine Manufacturing Co.

Doroud Foundry Manufacture a range of high quality alloy castings specifically designed to resist distortion, scaling and thermal shock involved in high temperature service. Applications for these alloys Include cooler plates, Lifters grate bars, furnace supports and various furnace parts, conveyor screws, cooler tube spacers, hoppers for the transport of hot materials.

DFM Products

Heatproof Casting Steels
Wear & Impact Resisting Casting Steels
Carbon and Low Alloy Casting Steels
Wear & Impact Resisting Casting Iron
Kind of Non - Ferro Alloy Foundry

Representative Data for some of cast Heat Resistant Alloys
Iron chromium Alloys

These nickel - free Alloys provide excellent resistance to oxidation and high sulphur atmospheres as high as 1050 ░C They are, however, Predominantly ferritic and their use is consequently limited to applications where strength is not the prime consideration. They are relatively brittle at room temperature and have low creep strength at elevated temperatures.

IRON - Chromium - Nickel Alloys
DFMR37- (DIN 1.4837)
For a combination of good strength and scaling resistance about 900 - 1100 ║C this essentially austenitic alloy is provided. The overall strength of DFMR 37 can be matched to specific service conditions by careful control of the compositional balance to give the optimum metallurgical structure. This alloy is suitable for use in sulphur - containing atmosphere, but is not normally recommended for severe cyclic service due to the possible formation of an embattling sigma phase.

DFMR48 - (DIN 1.4846)
This fully austenitic Alloy provides the very best ambition of strength and this range at temperature up to about 1100 DFMR 48 is widely used where high creep strength is essential, but is not recommended  where sever thermal shock is a factor. This alloy can be used in sulphur - containing atmospheres and as a result of its structure it is resistant to embitterment by sigma formation.

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Address: No. 522, Seyed Jamal Al-Din Asadabadi St. (Northern Yosef Abad)
Tehran - IRAN
Telephone: (98 21) 8052346 - 8052347 - 8052348
Fax: (98 21) 8041685
Address: Khatamolanbia Square
Doroud, Lorestan - IRAN
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