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Doroud Farsit Company

Doroud Farsit Co. as a dependent company of FKCC, was established in 1969 to satisfy the needs of development and infrastructure projects in country. Due to enjoying superior quality and durability, Farsit products bear Iran's standard mark of quality on them. Our products including:

Asbestos - Cement Pipes:
Consisting of pressure as well as sewer propos in various sizes along with special joints (couplings) and rubber gaskets, Farsit pipes are used in water distribution networks and also sewerage system of urban. The unique advantage of Farsit pipes that makes them superior to others is the use of type 5 anti sulphate cement produced by Doroud Cement Industrial Complex which is, of course, the best of its kind in the country.

A/C Flat and Corrugated Sheets:
A/C sheets, in deferent sizes, are used to cover the roofs of buildings, workshops, warehouses, etc. and also to fence the agricultural fields.

A/C Ducts:
Exclusively manufactured in Doroud Farsit Co., A/C ducts are widely used in construction operations.

Contact us:
Head Office:
Address: Khatamolanbia Square
Doroud 68819, Lorestan - IRAN
Telephone: (98 66542) 2704 - 2705 - 2706 - 2707 - 2708
Fax: (98 66542) 3062 - 7013
P.O. Box: 311, Doroud - IRAN
Tehran Office:
Address: No. 4, 4th Alley, Pakistan St., Dr.Beheshti St.
Tehran - IRAN
Telephone: (98 21) 8739201
Fax: (98 21) 8759968
P.O. Box: 15875 - 3343, Tehran - IRAN

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