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Ahwaz Farsit Company

Ahwaz Farsit Company with intention of satisfying the needs of development, improvement and recons traction of our country has been established in 1974. with the effort and hard working of our professional engineers, specialists and workers, the first production line was commissioned on 1976 and from that time, with the average of each 3 years, one new production line has been commissioned. Farsit Company assures you superior quality and durability due to homogenous consistency and advanced manufacturing process.


Applications of corrugated and flat A/C sheets:
They are the best covering for roofs, walls of industrial, agricultural and residential warehouses buildings and many other applications, with ability of being painted in various colors.

Concrete Pipes:
We're proud to introduce and offer our concrete pipes which are produced by most moderate production machinery which controlled with PLC. These pipes are produced according to international standards This product is unique with high quality. Concrete elements ( Paves, Blocks, Curbstones,... ) various kind of concrete elements are being produced and offered with extreme care and good quality.
All above mentioned products are manufactured according to well famous and internationally accepted standards, and they are being used for different purposes in buildings and pavements.

Asbestos - Cement Pipes:
The best quality pipes produced in Iran, which their applications are, for water supply and distribution networks under pressure, sewerage and drainage systems of urban areas, with the simple way of installation. Special Joints and Sealing Rubber Gaskets included.

Contact us:
Head Office:
Address: No. 99, 8th Street, Kianpars
Ahwaz - IRAN
Tele fax: (98 61) 330356 
Address: Khoramshahr Road, 9 Km. from Ahwaz
Ahwaz - IRAN
Telephone: (98 61) 74071 - 74072 - 74073 - 74074 - 74075 
Fax: (98 61) 89402
P.O. Box: 316, Ahwaz - IRAN

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